Contact Lens Fitting

You can rest assured, knowing that GoTran Optometry treats you to a high-tech, leading-edge contact lens fitting protocol, allowing you to feel confident your new lenses will be custom fit just for you. In addition to carrying an extensive selection of competitively priced lenses, our office also offers convenient on-line ordering options so you can shop local, while still getting competitive prices and a quality selection.

And for new contact lens wearers, our expert technicians provide kind, relaxed contact lens training in a private training room so you can take your time, growing more comfortable and confident in your lens insertion and removal skills. We can help you or your child feel like an expert in no time! We look forward to working with you or your family members. Schedule your Contact Lens Exam and Fitting today.

Feel the Joy of Nothing With
TOTAL30® Monthly contact lenses

TOTAL30® are the world’s first and only monthly replacement Water Gradient contact lenses. So you can look forward to lenses that feel like nothing, even at day 30.

Why TOTAL30®
Monthly Contacts
Feel Like Nothing,
Even At Day 30

Water Gradient Technology forms a gentle cushion of moisture with nearly 100% water at the outer surface of the lens. For a lens that feels like nothing, even at day 30.

CELLIGENT® Technology helps resist deposits and bacteria for a clean lens. (Based on laboratory testing of unworn lenses)


Class 1 UV Blocking delivers the highest level of UV protection available in a monthly replacement lens.

Fewer boxes for less environmental waste (Fewer boxes in comparison to daily disposable packaging)

Lens Love

Life in PRECISION1® lenses is easy to love. That’s because these babies are easy to wear. Check out a few other reasons why PRECISION1® daily disposable contact lenses are so fantastic.